Mohr Partners, Inc. is one of the largest, exclusive tenant-only real estate advisory firms in the U.S. providing corporate services globally. We have been successful focusing exclusively on Tenant Advocacy in the field of corporate real estate services by defining a market segment and maintaining strict adherence to our Corporate Mission Statement. We are not a network or an affiliate, but rather each office is owned by Mohr Partners with common goals and objectives. This attribute is a major competitive advantage over other service providers, which are either franchise operations or networks comprised of independently run companies.

Since 1986 we have never represented a landlord or institutional property owner in any market worldwide. We do not provide agency work for landlords, nor do we serve as a landlord or owner for any leasing activities; therefore, we never have a conflict of interest. We provide a comprehensive portfolio approach to account management with a focus on the business drivers and objectives of our clients.

We give our clients a global perspective of their real estate costs, developing tailored solutions to reduce real estate occupancy costs wherever their property is located. Our goal is to align your real estate goals and objectives with your business objectives to ensure your success.