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Mohr Partners, Inc. provides global corporate real estate services through its strategic alliance partners. Our unique service delivery model enables us to seamlessly work with best-in-class partners in every market of the world, providing exemplary service to our clients. In fact, we currently provide services to our clients in over 70 countries. We choose our partners carefully, making sure each one is a perfect fit for your business model and serves in your best interest. That is their promise to us and to you! We never hand off an assignment, but rather work hand-in-hand with our partners to ensure you always receive the best service.Whether for a transaction, demographic studies, mapping, research, economic incentives, facility management or project management services, we have been successful servicing clients within a wide array of industries. Our model gives us the ability to deliver to our clients a global perspective of their portfolio. Through our portfolio analysis, an analysis of trends and conditions in various global markets, and the local market knowledge of our partners, we make sound recommendations to our clients for portfolio optimization. This gives our clients the ability to react quickly to opportunities, optimizing their leverage and reducing portfolio occupancy costs.In today’s global economy it is not all about what is happening in the U.S., but rather what is going on in the world that is affecting a company’s revenues as well as real estate. We never lose sight of our client’s business objectives as it relates to real estate and work to assist them in achieving their corporate goals.

Our clients have said it best:  Mohr has a “Unique Approach” and delivers “Unparalleled Results”.