Mohr Partners, Inc. specializes in advising financial and insurance clients on the optimal location for their business. We have been the key advisor on numerous projects including headquarters, branch offices and retail sites.


We understand that real estate costs represent a large expenditure for financial and insurance firms. Not only is it critical with respect to budgets, taxes and rent, but also in regards to location, demographics and the surrounding competition. Companies in the financial and insurance industries are continually presented with new challenges in their ever-changing business climate. Whether it is customer demands, industry regulations or globalization, it requires foresight and adaptability to develop innovative solutions to meet their business objectives.

Effective site selection requires sophisticated quantitative and qualitative analysis. Points for consideration are:

  • Demographics within defined radius
  • Real estate occupancy costs
  • Competitive analysis in market area
  • Accessible public transportation
  • Sites meeting requirements

We understand the nuances of the financial and insurance industries. We offer creative solutions to meet your site selection needs. We have an experienced, in-house research department that provides detailed GIS mapping and demographic studies that match specific criteria. We use this information along with comparable market analysis and expert lease negotiations to provide a solution that meets your real estate objectives.

Services provided:
  • Market analysis
  • Site selection research
  • Building ranking analysis
  • Comparative financial analysis
  • Strategic planning and services
  • Lease negotiation
  • Lease review
  • Tax abatement
  • Incentive negotiations
  • Project and construction management
  • Post-project evaluation
  • Global representation

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