Mohr Partners, Inc. is dedicated to servicing the unique requirements of law firms, whether the project involves a 5,000 square foot renewal or a 250,000 square foot build-to-suit location.  Since 1986 we have been the key consultant on numerous projects for law firms nationally and internationally.  We leverage firms’ occupancy globally through a variety of corporate services including:

  • Portfolio account management
  • Strategic planning
  • Market research
  • Site selection
  • Demographic studies
  • Lease administration
  • Space planning and standards
  • Project and construction management

We understand the special nuances that affect law firms.  No two law firms are alike, requiring custom processes and creative solutions.  We understand key issues such as:

  • Consensus building
  • Mergers and acquisition planning
  • Occupancy cost
  • Landlord and developer relationships
  • Leases
  • Length of commitment
  • Creating leverage with large transactions
  • Generation gap
  • Importance of a great term letter
  • Custom solutions
Portfolio Strategy

We facilitate a streamlined process to move firms from decentralized locations to strategically-aligned locations.  We take a strategic approach to law firm real estate, using knowledge about culture, image and corporate standards throughout your portfolio.

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