Re-engineering a supply chain for more efficient distribution through effective site selection for maximum logistical efficiency is a core competency at Mohr Partners. Our broad base of services positions us as a one-source provider for creative solutions for manufacturing and distribution companies. Our team of specialists provides solutions aligning logistics and the real estate site selection process, optimizing your supply chain network. Our team helps you integrate your hard and soft assets to create a competitive advantage.


Our services include:
  • Market site research
  • Comparative financial analysis
  • Strategic services and planning
  • Logistics network consulting
  • Transportation planning
  • Transportation analysis
  • Network operations
  • Facility planning
  • Facility design
  • Process flow optimization
  • Lease negotiation
  • Lease contract review
  • Acquisition and dispositions
  • Tax abatement
  • Incentive negotiations
Research & Site Selection Services

We understand the special nuances of supply chain logistics as it relates to optimizing your supply chain network.  We will provide a strategy that meets the unique requirements of your company.

Factors for Consideration:

  • Logistics
  • Hub and spoke
  • Geography
  • Utilities strategies
  • Economic development incentives
  • Demographics
Economic Incentives and Tax Abatements

We have established relationships with economic development councils (EDC’s) across the United States to ensure all potential incentives are garnered, and we will investigate all potential concessions available.

  • Tax abatements
  • Tax credits
  • Cash grants
  • Training programs
  • Recruiting and screening
  • Employees relocation assistance
  • Site development assistance
  • Infrastructure improvements
  • Utility rate concessions
  • Temporary space
Project and Construction Management

Integrating project management services into site selection and transaction management processes is critical to delivering the ideal site with the highest productivity.

For more information about our logistics and supply chain services, please e-mail us at mohrinfo@mohrpartners.com.