Understanding how our client’s real estate portfolio aligns with business and financial objectives, from an economic and GAAP accounting basis, is the core of Mohr Partners’ Capital Services Group. We focus on maximizing the return realized through operating real estate assets. Given the ever-changing real estate and capital markets, a dynamic real estate portfolio requires quick, solutions-oriented thinking to capitalize on opportunities as they arise. These opportunities can create additional capital sources, operating cost savings, and/or tax savings for our clients. Mohr Partners’ Capital Services Group provides technical expertise to create these playbooks and implement them in real time.


Our proven Capital Rationalization methodology is based on a four step approach:

The Mohr Partner Process Graphic

We will deliver a specific, customized rationale of your options to optimize your real estate portfolio. We will develop a comprehensive, solution based, step-by-step process to ensure that opportunities within the existing portfolio and new additions are identified and realized.

Strategic consulting services:

  • Space Utilization
  • Forecasting
  • Reduction of Rental Obligation
  • Early Termination of Leases
  • Multi-Location Strategy
  • Multi-Location Consolidation
  • Monetization
  • Releasing Properties
  • Precap Program

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